Bayer in Japan

History of Bayer in Japan

1886The red direct dye Benzopurpurine developed by Bayer and Agfa's Congo Red are introduced to Japan.
1890Bayer changes its agent in Japan from H. Ahrens & Co. to Carl Rohde & Co.
1899Regular imports of Bayer pharmaceuticals to Japan begin.
Schimmel & Co., at that time one of the world's leading fragrance and flavor producers applies for trademark registration in Japan.
1907Richard Veit, a dyeing engineer posted in Japan, establishes dyeing laboratories in Yokohama and Kobe.
1911Friedrich Bayer & Co. is established as a wholly owned subsidiary.
1924Doitsu Senryo is established to deal with dyes and chemicals.
1927Bayer-Meister Lucius Yakuhin is founded to distribute pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
1941A joint venture for the production of crop protection agents is established as Nihon Tokushu Noyaku Seizo.
1950E. Ott & Co., which handles Bayer dyes and chemicals, establishes a new department to expand business.
1951Import of Bayer pharmaceuticals resumes through Yoshitomi Seiyaku (import agent) and Takeda Yakuhin (sales agent).
1955Hong Kong-based company Chemdyes (60% Bayer, 40% E. Ott) becomes agent in Japan for dyes and chemicals.
1960Wholly owned Japanese subsidiary Chemdyes Doitsu Senryo is set up by Bayer to handle dyes and chemicals.
1962Bayer Yakuhin is established as wholly owned subsidiary of Bayer.
1969Sumitomo Bayer Urethane is established as a joint venture between Bayer and Sumitomo Chemical.
1973Bayer Yakuhin is reorganized as a joint venture of Bayer, Takeda Yakuhin and Yoshitomi.
1976Adalat, anti-angina pectoris agent, is introduced. (Additional indication for hypertension approved in 1985.)
1979Bayer's Shiga Factory is completed.
1985The Yuki Research Center, Bayer's crop protection research center in Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture is opened.
1986Hinochloa, a herbicide developed in Japan, is introduced.
1988Ciproxan, a broad-spectrum anti-infective, is introduced.
Bayer becomes the first German manufacturer to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1991Nihon Tokushu Noyaku Seizo changes its name to Nihon Bayer Agrochem.
1992Admire, an insecticide synthesized and developed in Japan, is introduced.
Bayer Japan Ltd. changes its name to Bayer Ltd.
1993H. C. Starck Japan and V Tech merge to become H. C. Starck-V TECH Ltd.
Glucobay diabetes treatment is introduced.
1994Miles-Sankyo changes its name to Bayer-Sankyo.
1995The textile dyeing businesses of Bayer and Bayer Kasei are transferred to DyStar Japan.
1997Admire becomes the top insecticide in the world.
1998Teijin-Bayer Polytec Ltd. is established as a joint venture between Bayer Ltd. and Teijin Chemicals K.K.
1999Bayer Medical Ltd. is established.
Agfa-Gevaert Japan becomes independent from Bayer in Japan.
2000Baynas, a treatment for allergic rhinitis, is introduced.
DIC Bayer Polymer Ltd. is established as a joint venture of Bayer Ltd. and Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Inc.
DyStar Japan becomes independent from Bayer in Japan.
2001New anti-platelet agent Bayaspirin is introduced.
Sumitomo Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. changes name to Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd.
Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Bayer Ltd.
Innova, a new one-shot herbicide for use in rice paddies, is launched.
2002Haarmann & Reimer K.K. becomes independent from Bayer in Japan.
Bayer CropScience K.K. is established.
2003Bayer Chemicals Japan K.K. is established.
2004Levitra, an erectile dysfunction treatment, is launched.
Bayer Chemicals Japan K.K. changes name to LANXESS K.K.
2005LANXESS K.K. separates from Bayer in Japan as an independent entity, following the spin off of LANXESS AG from the Bayer Group.
H.C. Starck-V TECH Ltd. change its name to H.C. Starck Ltd.
2006Bayer announces the acquisition of Schering AG.
Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. successfully achieves two million work hours without accident or incident at its Niihama Plant.
2007Bayer Yakuhin and Nihon Schering are integrated and the new Bayer Yakuhin starts. Bayer MaterialScience Ltd. Is established.
2008Operations commence at Bayer Holding Ltd., the holding company of Bayer in Japan.
Bayer House Osaka, the new center of operations for the Kansai area starts.
Nexavar is launched for the treatment of kidney cancer.
2009Bayer MaterialScience’s Innovation Center is expanded and commences full-fledged operation.
2010Intendis K.K. is integrated into Bayer Yakuhin as a new business unit.
2011Bayer in Japan is marking its 100th anniversary.
2012Key service and support functions are integrated into the new Country Group Platform in Bayer Holding Ltd.
2013Bayer celebrates the 150th anniversary of its foundation worldwide. The company sends an airship around the world including Japan.
2014The new Consumer Care (CC) organization is launched in Japan in July.
In October, Bayer acquires the consumer care business of US-based Merck & Co., Inc.
The Open Innovation Center Japan is established in June and signed a two-year collaboration agreement with Kyoto University Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation in September.
2015Bayer MaterialScience is independent under the name Covestro.
2016Bayer in Japan - first products imported 130 years ago.
Transformation into a Life Science Company.
2018In August, Dr. Thomas-Peter Hausner becomes the new Senior Bayer Representative for Japan.
Supply center Shiga celebrates its 40th anniversary, and Hofu factory celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2020Monsanto Japan is integrated into Bayer CropScience K.K.

Richard Veit, the founder of Friedrich Bayer & Co.

Headquarters of Friedrich Bayer & Co. in Kobe (established May 1, 1911)

The trademark of Friedrich Bayer & Co. was registered in 1911, the same year the company was established.

Japanese Aspirin packages from the 1930s