Crop Science

Main focus of the Crop Science Division is Crop Protection field and Environmental Science field.

Crop Protection

The insecticide for rice and horticultural crops Admire was discovered and developed in Japan.

In the area of rice herbicides, Bodyguard and Possible that contain the new active ingredient tefuryltrione developed in Japan, as well as Bodyguard Pro and Council Complete that contain the new active ingredient triafamone are highly valued for their efficacy and widely used throughout Japan.

The company is actively introducing new products, such as the rice blasticide product family Routine that contains the new active ingredient isotianil, seed treatment products Routine FS and Kirappu Seed FS, jointly developed with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, and Velum, nematicide with a new mode of action.

The rice blasticide Routine series

The rice and horticultural insecticide Admire containing imidacloprid that was invented and developed in Japan has been used in the Japanese and worldwide markets for over 25 years.

Environmental Science

The highly effective termite control agent Hachikusan ME controls pests through a domino effect.

Bayer's Environmental Science in Japan is the leader in providing innovative solutions to pest & weeds problems in the professional non-crop market. The business is divided into "Green Product"; focusing on turf (golf market), forestry and Industrial Vegetation Management and "White product"; focusing on termites and general insect control.

The lawn herbicide Weeden WDG is ideally suited to golf course maintenance.

The Green Products division offers a wide range of products such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides as well as new formulation technology such as Stressgard Technology recently and successfully launched to prevent summer decline on golf courses. The White Products division offers insecticides to termite control operators to protect buildings/ houses against termite damages and insecticide and rodenticides to pest control operators to control cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, rats to ensure healthy, safe and comfortable living environment. Its product lineup includes Maxforce to control cockroaches, along with Hachikusan (20th anniversary celebrated in 2012) and Agenda for termites. Bayer's golf course agrochemicals, termite control products and bait gels for cockroaches hold leading shares in the industry.

Main Products

 Main Products
Crop ProtectionRoutineAdSpino, RoutineTres, Routine Duo, Routine Expert, Evergol Wide (insecticide/fungicide mixture)
Admire, Kirappu, Movento, Danigetter, Bariard, Baythroid (insecticides)
Alfin, Alfin Plus, Nativo, Silvacur, Flint, Reliable (fungicides)
Bodyguard Pro, Council Complete, Liberator (herbicides)
Routine FS, Kirappu Seed FS (SeedGrowth)
Environmental ScienceSpecticle, Tribute, Fullhouse, Fenax, Destiny, Cerenturf,
Obtain, Signature, Interface, Mirage, Crusadar, Relark, Tafbaria (professional golf course management)
Hachikusan, Agenda, Maxforce, Responser, Temprid (professional pest management)

As of August, 2018