Crop Science

Focused on the businesses of Crop Protection and Environmental Science, the Crop Science Division develops, manufactures, and sells products that leverage Bayer’s global network of R&D resources. The Crop Protection business offers innovative products and solutions for supporting the sustainable growth of Japanese agriculture, particularly insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and seed treatments. It proactively develops original solutions that serve the needs of today’s growers, responding to changes such as the diversification of farming practices and the aging of the farming population. These solutions have earned a solid reputation for their efficacy, as attested by their wide use nationwide. The Environmental Science business comprises two product groups – “Green Products” such as non-crop herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and plant stress protection technologies, and “White Products” for professional control of termites, other insects, and rodents.

Main Products

  Main Products
Crop Protection Evergol Wide, Routine Admire Spino, Routine Expert, Routine Tres, Routine Duo, Routine Blight (insecticide/fungicide mixtures)
Admire, Kirappu, Danigetter, Bariard, Velum, Movento (insecticides)
Antracol, Alfin, Alfin Plus, Silvacur, Nativo, Flint, Reliable (fungicides)
Council Complete, Council Energy, Bodyguard, Bodyguard Pro, Countdown, Liberator, Galace (herbicides)
Kirappu Seed FS, Routine FS (SeedGrowth)
Environmental Science Specticle, Tribute, Fullhouse, Fenax, Destiny, Cerenturf, Obtain, Signature, Interface, Mirage, Crusadar, Relark, Tafbaria(professional golf course management)
Hachikusan, Agenda, Maxforce, Responser, Temprid (professional pest management)

As of April, 2019