Business Unit Cardiovascular markets an oral anticoagulant and other treatments for common cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension and dyslipidemia. Business Unit Oncology & Hematology supports treatments in areas requiring advanced expertise by offering products such as anticancer agents and recombinant human factor VIII. Business Unit Women’s Health & Established Products provides medications that improve the quality of life for women, including a dysmenorrhea treatment and a low-dose oral contraceptive, and also markets and manages established products not sold through MRs. Business Unit Ophthalmology offers treatments for retinal disorders such as wet age-related macular degeneration – a disease on the rise in Japan and Western countries – helping to protect the vision of patients so that they can continue to enjoy a high quality of life. Business Unit Radiology supplies a diverse product lineup that includes contrast media for diagnostic imaging.

Main Products

 Main products
PharmaceuticalsXarelto® (selective direct Factor Ⅹa inhibitor)
Zetia® Tablet 10mg (antihyperlipidemia)
ATOZET® Combination Tablets LD/HD (intestinal Cholesterol Transporter Inhibitor / HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor Combination Tablets)
Fosrenol® (hyperphosphatemia agent)
Adalat® (antihypertensive and angina pectoris agent)
Bayaspirin® 100mg (antiplatelet)
Adempas® (soluble guanylate cyclase stimulator)
Nexavar® 200mg (anticancer agent)
Stivarga® 40mg (anticancer agent)
Xofigo® (anticancer agent)
Kogenate®-FS BIO-SET (recombinant factor Ⅷ)
Kovaltry® for iv injection (recombinant factor Ⅷ)
EYLEA® solution for IVT inj. 40mg/mL (intravitreal VEGF inhibitor)
YAZ® (oral progestogen/estrogen combination for treatment of dysmenorrhea)
Yaz Flex® (therapeutic agent for treatment of pain associated with endometriosis/dysmenorrhea)
Triquilar® (oral contraceptive)
LEVITRA® (erectile dysfunction treatment)
BETAFERON® SC inj. (genetical recombinant interferon-beta-1b preparation)
Iopamiron® Inj. (non-ionic contrast medium for CT, angiography and urography)
EOB・Primovist® Inj. (MRI liver contrast agent)
Gadovist® IV Inj. 1.0mol/L (non-ionic MRI contrast agent)
Radiology Medical
Avanta (cardiovascular injection system)
Mark 7 Arterion (angio injection system)
Stellant D (CT injection system)
Salient (CT injection system)
Spectris Solaris EP (MR injection system)
Radimetrics (radiation dose management system)

As of April, 2019