• Acquisition

    Bayer and Monsanto to Create a Global Leader in Agriculture

  • Second Quarter 2016

    Bayer raises sales and earnings

    The Bayer Group posted further growth in the second quarter of 2016.


  • Life Science company Bayer steps up focus on research and development

    The Bayer Group plans in the future to sharpen its focus on innovation in its life science businesses, HealthCare and CropScience.


National News

Bayer would like to express the deepest sympathy for all those affected by the earthquake centered in the Kumamoto Region of Kumamoto Prefecture since April 14, 2016.

Bayer Global News


Bayer to Acquire Monsanto

Werner Baumann, Hugh Grant, Liam Condon and Johannes Dietsch discussed the acquisition with investors and media.

-Joint Investor Conference Call

-Joint Media Conference Call



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