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Research and Development at Bayer

Bayer is the only global company performing research in the field of both health and agriculture. Systematic and extensive collaboration between researchers is creating new impetus.


With our innovative solutions, we are responding to the global challenges in healthcare and the need to safeguard an adequate food supply. The success is based on excellence in research and development (R&D). The know-how and skills of our employees are our most valuable resource in this endeavor. We develop new molecules and technologies in the research-intensive fields of medicine and modern agriculture and invest continuously in research and development projects.


Convergence of science and technology

The focus of the research projects is
determined by the R&D strategies of four

Today the convergence of science and technology - combined with the potential to leverage data in new dimensions - is changing R&D in fundamental ways. Tailored programs as well as systematic and extensive collaboration across R&D are creating new value for Bayer and our customers.


We maintain a global network of research and development locations, where about 15,100 scientists are employed. The focus of the research projects is determined by the R&D strategies of our divisions which tackle the overarching subjects of Health and Agriculture segments. In 2020 a total of €7.126 billion was spent on research and development. This was equivalent to 17.2 percent of sales.


Research and Development Expenses 2020



Patents Protect Bayer’s Intellectual Property

Globally reliable protection of intellectual property rights is particularly relevant for an innovation company like Bayer. We therefore endeavor to obtain patent protection for our products and technologies in the major markets depending on the legal framework.