About Bayer

Our Strategy

A growing and aging world population and the increasing strain on nature’s ecosystems are among the major challenges facing humanity. As a global leader in health and nutrition, we are able to play a key role in devising solutions to tackle these challenges.


Guided by our purpose “Science for a better life,” we deliver breakthrough innovations in health care and agriculture. We contribute to a world in which diseases are not only treated but effectively prevented or cured, in which people can take better care of their own health needs, and in which enough agriculture products are produced while respecting our planet’s natural resources. That's because at Bayer, we believe that growth and sustainability should go hand in hand. In short, we are working to make our vision “Health forall, Hunger for none” a reality.


Vision Purpose strategy



Our strategy as a diversified life science company remains unchanged, especially in the current situation, with the systemic relevance and resilience of our businesses becoming particularly evident in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated a number of trends, meaning that we need to execute our strategy and implement the transformation of our company at a faster pace.


We focus on four strategic levers to deliver attractive returns for our shareholders while also making a positive contribution to society and the environment:



1. We develop innovative products and solutions and leverage cutting-edge research to address unmet societal challenges. As part of these endeavors, we are improving our access to innovation by collaborating with third parties. In addition, we are working on disruptive technologies, for example through our Leaps by Bayer activities, while also continuing to drive the digitalization of our entire value chain.


2. We drive the operational performance of our business by optimizing our resource allocation. Alongside our ongoing efficiency and structural measures, we have also launched a program to accelerate our transformation.


3. Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy, operations and compensation system. We make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Our ambitious targets for 2030 are fully in step with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the climate targets of the Paris Agreement.


4. As a global leader in health and nutrition, we continue to develop our business. We create value with strategy-based resource allocation focused on profitable growth. We are active in regulated and highly profitable sectors that are driven by innovation and in which we have the objective to grow ahead of the competition.