Corporate Compliance Policy

Conducting the Business According to Applicable Law and Company Rules

At Bayer we firmly believe that compliance is our license to operate worldwide. We all share the aim of providing people with innovative solutions that improve the quality of life.


Why Is Our Compliance Policy so Important?


The Corporate Compliance Policy outlines Bayer’s principles of business conduct. We take pride in doing things right. Each day we need to exercise good judgment, act with integrity, and observe the principles of our policy.

Below you’ll find a summary of our ten compliance principles and the entire policy for download:


Corporate Compliance Policy


Compliance Principles


1. We compete fairly in every market.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer competes on the merits of its products and services and firmly supports the existence of free and open markets. We strictly adhere to the laws designed to promote and protect competition.

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2. We act with integrity in all our business dealings.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer does not tolerate corruption and will refuse any business opportunity that involves any form of bribery. We never offer or give a benefit to try – or even give the appearance of trying – to wrongfully influence someone else’s decision or action.



3. We balance economic growth with ecological and social responsibility.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer endeavors to develop, produce and sell products in a safe and sustainable way that meets the needs of our employees, customers and society, and protects the environment. Responsible business practices are the foundation of our activities. We are committed to meeting all health, safety and environmental laws and industry standards in every aspect of our business.

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4. We observe trade controls that regulate our global business.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer supports national and international initiatives that aim to prevent the misuse of its goods or technologies as nuclear, biological or chemical weapons or in the spread of terrorism or war.



5. We safeguard equal opportunity in securities trading.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer promotes open, fair and efficient financial markets by protecting its non-public information from unintended disclosure and misuse. We are careful in how we use and disclose non-public information about Bayer to preserve the value of that information for our business and investors.



6. We keep accurate books and records.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer fully and accurately records its business activities and financial transactions to provide a fair and complete picture of its operations, assets and financial condition.



7. We treat each other with fairness and respect.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer strives to create the best environment for employees to perform, innovate and develop.We follow certain basic standards of behavior, so that no person is treated unfairly or discriminated against, harassed or subjected to other unprofessional or disrespectful behavior, or retaliated against for sharing his or her good faith concerns.



8. We protect and respect intellectual property rights.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer safeguards the value of its research and development efforts and the goodwill and reputation of the company and its brands. Bayer also accepts the valid right of others to do the same.



9. We act in Bayer's best interest.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer employees are careful to separate their own personal interests from those of Bayer. We make decisions impartially, without letting an opportunity for personal gain adversely affect our judgment, our job performance or our decision-making. When facing a potential conflict of interest, we are expected to disclose the situation immediately to our manager. The manager then decides how to address the conflict.



10. We protect and secure personal data.

OUR COMMITMENT: Bayer strictly adheres to the laws designed to protect and secure the privacy and confidentiality of information about individuals. This includes personal, health, family, financial and similar information. We are careful not to disclose personal data, within or outside the company, except when we are legally permitted and have a legitimate business need to do so.