Bayer Holding Ltd.

Basic Policy on Management of Specific Personal Information

1. Compliance with Laws

Bayer Holding Ltd. (“Bayer”) is committed to and will comply with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure, related governmental rules and regulations, guidelines established by the Japanese Government and other applicable codes, in Bayer’s handling of Specific Personal Information, as defined in said Act.


2. Appropriate Obtainment, Use and Provision of Individual Numbers

Bayer will obtain Specific Personal Information only to the extent necessary for purposes permitted under said Act. In addition, Bayer will specify purposes of its use of any Specific Personal Information and use the same only for such purposes, and will not provide any Specific Personal Information to any third parties for any purposes other than those so specified in advance or beyond a scope permitted under said Act.


3. Measures for Security of Specific Personal Information

Bayer will establish and improve internal rules and take security measures for prevention and remediation of unauthorized access to and loss, destruction, modification, leakage and similar incidents of or involving Specific Personal Information.


4. Supervision of Employees and Contractors

Bayer will train its employees who handle Specific Personal Information, with respect to the importance of such information. In addition, if Bayer engages contractors to perform services relating to Specific Personal Information, Bayer will duly supervise such contractors.


5. Continuous Improvement of Internal Rules

Bayer will periodically check and assess compliance with this Basic Policy and Bayer’s related internal rules, and will make efforts to do appropriate management of Specific Personal Information, including but not limited to review of this Basic Policy and those rules.


6. Contact

Bayer will duly respond to any complaints, inquiries and other notices which Bayer may receive in connection with security measures taken by Bayer in handling of Specific Personal Information. You may make inquiries relating to Bayer’s handling of Specific Personal Information, by sending them via postal service to:


Bayer Holding Ltd.
2-4-9, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001
Attn: Specific Personal Information Desk