For Improved Health Care Provision Worldwide

Family planning: Women in developing
and emerging countries should be able
to take control of their own lives.
Working with partners, Bayer aims
through the provision of more health
information and education to reduce the
risks associated with unplanned
pregnancies and unsafe terminations.

Some two billion of the more than seven billion people living on Earth do not have adequate basic health care. The growing world population – above all in developing countries and emerging markets – and demographic change in numerous industrialized nations are making it increasingly difficult to ensure adequate health care provision for the entire planet.


Bayer is facing up to this challenge. Thanks to our strategic commitment, the services of our health care business - high-quality drug products and treatments - are being made available to patients across the globe in countless programs.


The problem of inadequate health care in many countries will not be solved by individual companies and organizations acting alone, though, so a key focal point of our commitment is long-term cooperation with recognized aid organizations and international bodies.


Economic Strength also Means a Great Responsibility

We would like all people to share the fruits of medical progress, regardless of their origins or income. We support programs that provide access to innovative medicines and modern family planning, and take up the fight against neglected diseases. We work side-by-side with aid agencies, international bodies and policy makers.


Further information about our focus issues: