Better Life Initiative

Better Life Initiative


The Better Life Initiative was initiated in 2014. The goal of this program is to study the attitudes, outlooks, and needs of patients so that they can be reflected in our jobs.



Theme for 2014: “The First Step?Experiencing the Patient’s Perspective”

Participants experienced and learned about the perspective of patients, and were given the opportunity to share the things they learned with their colleagues. The efforts of the BLI Task Force Team were actively supported by the project-sponsoring Bayer Yakuhin Management Team, including the President, who served as Project Champion. In addition, participation in the BLI was made part of the performance goals of targeted employees (continued in FY2015?2016).


Theme for 2015: “Engagement?Turning Learning into Action”

The 2015 program included diverse original activities, such as an e-learning course for studying Bayer products and how they touch the lives of patients, patient-led lectures/workshops for learning about the lives of patients to better understand their feelings, seminars on medical volunteering, visits to hospitals and pharmacies, and function and team meetings for sharing insights and experiences. Building upon the 2014 program’s focus on experiencing the patient’s perspective, the second year of BLI was positioned as a “year of engagement”?putting into practice the things learned from participation in the BLI. The Zadankai program for sharing learning experiences produced 123 ideas for how to better the lives of patients, and these served as the basis for 95 action plans formulated at the function level, including an action put together by the Management Team.


Theme for 2016: “Turning Action into Culture”

For this, the third and final year, the program will focus on keeping the BLI spirit alive in the years ahead by taking action to make it a culture that deeply permeates the entire organization. Currently, participants are implementing action plans to better the lives of patients in ways that leverage each function’s strengths. Also, further input opportunities will be offered this year as well?with the support of members of Patienthood (a chronic kidney disease patient organization) and the non-profit COML, the program is being designed to further deepen the learning experiences of BLI participants.


The goal of this initiative is to establish a culture that encourages employees to constantly think about what they can do to offer patients a better life?and in so doing make our company a truly customer-centric organization.