Japan Agricultural Education Program

Japan Agricultural Education Program

Youth Ag Summit

imageThe Youth Ag-Summit (YAS) and associated program is a major pillar of Bayer’s Youth Ag Education initiative, which itself is an important part of Bayer’s global outreach program. This program directly addresses the critical need to strengthen Bayer’s image in the agricultural and broader community in order to maintain our license to operate. At the same time, the high level of publicity expected and collaboration with key partners can drive real business benefits. Finally, it is expected to be highly motivating for our staff.
Attendance to 2017 YAS will be via a competitive selection process based principally on an essay. This, coupled with the high visibility of the summit, means that the program needs to be conducted professionally and transparently.


Theme Sponsoring Career KOSHIEN

  • Named after Japan National High Scholl Baseball championship ”KOSHIEN”
  • Mock business promotion competition for high school students, hosted by My Navi.
  • Bayer offers a theme “How to feed a Hungry Planet”.


Supporting JAEC Training program

  • JAEC started in 1950s and was originally owned by MAFF
  • Bayer offers support (Scholarship / Monheim Visit) to JAEC international agricultural education program trainees to Germany and other European countries.