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December 19, 2011
Bayer foundation provides EUR 700,000 for construction of
children care facility in Japanese earthquake area
October 27, 2011
After a good third quarter: Bayer confirms Group outlook
-Sales up by 4.8 percent (adjusted) to EUR 8,670 million
-Continuing growth momentum in the emerging markets (adjusted: plus 9.5 percent)
-Operating result (EBIT) increased by 94.9 percent to EUR 1,099 million
-EBITDA before special items up by 8.5 percent to EUR 1,805 million
-HealthCare and CropScience margins distinctly improved - MaterialScience weaker
-Net income more than doubled to EUR 642 million (plus 125.3 percent)
October 5, 2011
Centennial of Bayer's Japanese company
Bayer plans continued expansion in Japan

-Positive development despite earthquake and tsunami
-Sales to grow by an average 6 percent annually through 2015
-Donation of EUR 700,000 for long-term reconstruction project in the earthquake zone
-Bayer's relief aid totals nearly EUR 2.3 million
July 28, 2011
Interim report for the second quarter of 2011:
Bayer continues positive momentum
-Sales up 5.4 percent on an adjusted basis to EUR 9,252 million
-Operating result (EBIT) advances 25.9 percent to EUR 1,273 million
-EBITDA before special items increases by 5.8 percent to EUR 2,035 million
-Net income rises by substantial 40.9 percent to EUR 747 million
-Group outlook for 2011 confirmed
-Significant progress with innovation projects
-Efficiency measures advancing well
May 17, 2011
Sustainable Development Report with review of 2010 and new targets published
Bayer strengthens commitment to sustainable development

-New climate target - reduction in specific greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent
-Health care - contraceptives made available to 16 million women in developing countries
-Nutrition - 240 partnership projects implemented for sustainable food
-Bayer stock included in sustainability indices
-EUR 57 million for charitable causes
April 28, 2011
First quarter of 2011: all subgroups lift sales and earnings
Bayer off to a successful start to 2011

-Sales up by 13.2 percent to EUR 9,415 million
-Operating result (EBIT) rises by 4.0 percent to EUR 1,148 million
-EBITDA before special items advances by 22.3 percent to EUR 2,232 million
-Special items of EUR 442 million diminish earnings
-Net income up 8.4 percent to EUR 684 million
-Group forecast raised - improvement expected at CropScience
April 14, 2011
Bayer in Japan announced fiscal 2010 Results
-Sales grow by 5 % to 231.5 billion yen
March 15, 2011
After the Earthquake and the Tsunami:
Bayer and Its Employees Provide Help to Japan
February 28, 2011
Financial News Conference on fiscal 2010:
Bayer: operating performance on track
-Group targets achieved
-Strong year at MaterialScience - HealthCare and CropScience below expectations
-Net income diminished by high special charges
-Strong operating cash flow - net financial debt below EUR 8 billion
-Confidence for 2011: core earnings per share expected to improve by about 10 percent
-About EUR 15 billion investment for the future planned through 2013
-Proportion of female managers to grow toward 30 percent by 2015

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