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Working at Bayer: Excellent Perspectives

Our business success is based to a large extent on the knowledge, skills, commitment and satisfaction of our employees. As a modern international employer, we offer our employees attractive conditions and wide-ranging individual development opportunities.


The key to this is our highly effective system of vocational and ongoing training, which we are continuously extending. Alongside professional training, we focus on conveying our corporate values (LIFE) and establishing a dialogue-oriented corporate culture based on trust, respect for diversity and equality of opportunity.

Be you. Be Bayer.


Employee Data

On December 31, 2022 we employed 101,369 people (2021:99,637) worldwide. In Germany we had 22,569 (2021: 23,116) employees, which was 22.3% of the total Group workforce (2021: 23.2%).


employees by region


In 2022, the Bayer Group hired 12,433 new employees (accounting for 12.3% of our workforce). On the reporting date, our employees had worked for the Bayer Group for an average of 11.0 years (2021: 11.2). Our workforce includes only a small number of employees on temporary contracts (3.4%).


Number of Bayer Employees by Segment, Dec. 31, 2022

employees by segment


High Level of Vocational Training

To meet the need for skilled employees, Bayer provides vocational training in Germany in more than 25 different occupations and offers more vocational training places than required to meet its own needs. In total, we have around 1,400 trainees. Bayer also offers trainee programs in various areas for those embarking on a career and internships for students around the world.


Find your new training position at Bayer in Germany on our German careers website. All international job vacancies can be found on global careers website.


Fair compensation

Our compensation system combines a basic salary reflecting performance and responsibility with elements based on the company’s success, plus extensive additional benefits. Adjustments based on continuous benchmarking make our compensation internationally competitive.


We attach great importance to equal pay for men and women, providing fair and competitive compensation and informing our employees transparently about the overall structure of their compensation.


Alongside attractive compensation for their work, Bayer contributes to the financial security of its present and former employees after their retirement.


Employee Feedback

We believe regular feedback is necessary for the continuous development of our employees and our organization and that it helps us adapt to changing requirements. Alongside our performance management system, we use 360° feedback. This insight from colleagues and business associates is designed to foster the performance and leadership behavior of our employees and support their professional development.


Our most important feedback tool at the corporate level is our Group-wide employee survey. Every two years, this gives us competent feedback from our employees on our strategy, culture and working conditions. Since the last survey, we have launched a variety of initiatives and improvements worldwide to overcome the shortcomings identified in specific areas.


Respecting Employee and Human Rights

As a socially responsible company, Bayer has long been committed to upholding and supporting human rights at various levels. The Bayer Human Rights Position is rooted in a binding Group-wide directive. We respect the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights and are a founding member of the UN Global Compact. Our mission, life values and Corporate Compliance Policy commit all employees around the world to fair and lawful conduct toward staff, colleagues, business partners and customers.

Careers at Bayer

Employer BrandingWe are looking for committed employees who can work responsibly and independently. Our web site “Bayer Global Career Portal” can help you select the most suitable options for a career at Bayer. Or why not surf through our Job Search?