Kagayaki School

Kagayaki School (“Sparkling School”)

imageIn 2015, Bayer launched its Kagayaki School (“Sparkling School”) program to offer visiting classes to enhance adolescent literacy on women’s health, aiming to contribute to an environment supportive of women’s health and advancement of women in society.
Since the pilot program started in 2014, Bayer has delivered 37 classes across the country as of Oct 6, 2016.


As young women experience the range of life events from selection and pursuit of a career to marriage, birth, and child-raising, it is important for them to have god understanding about female-specific health problems and a changing set of health risks specific to each life stage in order for them to achieve their personal and professional aspirations. By supporting women’s health education, Bayer hopes that the Kagayaki School program will assist high school students, who will bear the next generation, to enhance women’s health literacy.