Focus Issues

For the Future of Agriculture

Ensuring ample food supplies is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Bayer is developing solutions to this problem and has firmly established the topic of “high-quality food for all” as a central objective of its Sustainability Program. For the Group, the only way to achieve this goal is through sustainable agriculture.


Agriculture: through Food Chain
Partnerships Bayer is helping
farmers worldwide to produce
agricultural products of a best
possible quality.

A growing world population, food shortages and volatile weather – these dynamic factors are having an increasingly significant effect on agricultural production worldwide. More and more people need to be fed, but the available arable land per capita is decreasing across the globe.


This is compounded by problems such as soil erosion, water shortages and extreme weather events, and poses major challenges for farmers in many parts of the world. We are looking to achieve the goal in close cooperation with agricultural partners and stakeholders - helping to provide people with enough healthy food.


Solutions for Future Requirements

No Life without Soil

Sustainable agriculture, higher crop yields and improved crop quality are becoming increasingly important. Global agricultural production must increase by approximately 60 percent by 2050 in order to ensure adequate nutrition for a growing world population despite the limited amount of arable land and the increased demand for animal feed and renewable raw materials. Bayer is aligning its corporate planning to these long-term trends in the agricultural markets.