Disaster Aids

Disaster Aids

Support to Great East Japan Earthquake (2011)


In 2011, Bayer contributed €700,000 to the Japanese non-profit organization Ashinaga for purposes such as building a Rainbow House care center for children who had lost their parents. Bayer Japan also carried out a variety of emergency support measures immediately after the earthquake, including provision of ¥100 million in emergency economic support and donation of medicines. Overall, Bayer contributions to the recovery in Japan have amounted to some €2.3 million.


In May 2011, a volunteer team of employees distributed food in the Tohoku region. In October, 15 Bayer employees from around Japan also conducted volunteer activities at a harbor near Koamikurahama district of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, in the heart of the disaster area.


disaster-aidsAs the Bayer headquarters in Germany celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013, Bayer Japan’s employees took part in activities to collect donations for the recovery efforts from the Great East Japan Earthquake. For each of the 2,954 messages employees wrote to support the rebuilding efforts, the company contributed ¥300, for a total donation of ¥886,200. At the same time, employees put ¥558,830 in donation boxes in all our major offices. The donations were given to Ashinaga. The total amount of contributions came to ¥1,445,030.


Support to Kumamoto Earthquake (2016)

disasterA donation of ¥10 million to the Japan Red Cross, and provision of information on venous thromboembolism, the so-called “economy class syndrome” (supplying off a booklet and video on prevention of this condition)